Thursday, September 17, 2009

Searching for Peace

Just for today
I am
Feeling: overwhelmed! Gymastics, library, shopping for tomorrow's art and science co-op supplies, school, workout, and 5-hour shift of work tonight. How will I get it all done???
Thinking: about how I have less than 2 weeks of my job! I can then focus solely on my full-time job of motherhood again!
Hearing: my youngest pack his sack lunch for our day of errands and realizing that I almost forgot about the road food! (overwhelmed again)
Praying: for peace amidst the chaos.
Ready: to get my laundry room out of my livingroom. Our washing machine broke down Tuesday. Our new one will be in today. The visual clutter is doing nothing to bring peace to my chaotic day! Wow, I will have alot of laundry this weekend (overwhelmed again).
Praying: for peace amidst the chaos!!!
Looking: for a calm picture thought... how'd I do? It's Silver Beach on Lake Michigan, St. Joseph, MI. We reunited with a high school friend of mine. She has 3 kids, too. We had an absolutely wonderful day with our families on the beach. I hadn't been back since high school. I forgot about the restorative powers of The Lake (unlike the small ones we have here)...similiar to the ocean, and I'm sure it's why the locals here drive to the ocean in droves. It's a quality I can't describe, but I think it has something to do with not being able to see to the other side. Blue for's a God thing.


  1. I love that, "it's a God thing." That is so true, no other way to describe it. I will help you this weekend with your overwhelmness (is that a word?)

  2. I hope that this weekend brought you a little peace and calm!

    Following you from MBC...




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