Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just for Today

Perry and I at Rock Creek Falls/camping trip

I am

Listening to Norah Jones Pandora station.
Drinking herbal tea.
Reading Addiction-Proof Your Child.
Anticipating another change in our schedule/routine. The kids'gymnastic teacher wants P to be on the competitive boys team (yay!). We think this will be a great opportunity - it's a terrific physical outlet for Perry and God has blessed him with natural ability for the sport *and* the desire (this is the biggie for him!) It's just the thought of the 2x week, 5-hour practices that has me stuck on how to revise our current schedule.
Teaching mental math to J; improper fractions to R; and greatest common denominator to P. (math theme this week?)
Learning that pre-teen kids don't always want to be around their moms, or their younger siblings; but what they do seem to want, even more, is one-on-one time and to be treated as an individual.
Grateful that I can post on my blog. I no longer have to work evenings. I want to make the most of every moment (without trying to do too much...isn't that the dilemna of every busy mother?) Working all the time helped me to appreciate the time I do have. Right now. Today. With just twenty minutes I can read a book to my kids, post to my blog, exercise, take a bath, scrap (okay, maybe just half a page).
Let's see what I can do with the next twenty minutes or so...

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  1. sounds sooo relaxing...listening to noarah jones and drinking tea!!! so nice

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