Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Montana, Horses

We spent time in Montana with Grandma and Grandpa's horses. Grandma and Grandpa know alot about horses! Here are a few things the kids say they've learned about horses:

P: Always approach a horse from his front and side at a 45 degree angle. Pet him while you're talking to him, so he will know you're still there.

R: Never walk toward a horse when his ears are back or down.

J: Horses like to eat grass and hay. Horses like to be petted. Be sure to watch your feet and the horses feet. Horses don't mind if you hold their mane while you're riding.
For J's page (middle), the lettering is on the back of an index card. I kept the full size card, and journaled below the dates, which is hidden by the photos. To do this, I formed a pocket with the photos (easy - just limit the adhesive to the corners) and tucked the cards inside, without actually adhering the cards to the cardstock. Hidden journaling is especially nice if you have something personal you want to journal, but you aren't comfortable making it so visible. Just let your loved ones know that it's there; otherwise it may not have longevity - ;). Another reason to use hidden journaling is for visual appeal. That would be why I chose it for this page. I was happy with the LO as is; I didn't want the extra visual clutter.

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