Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Montana, Nature

January 14, 2009. We have many beautiful pictures that we took on this visit to the Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge, located in the Bitterroot Valley, near Stevensville, Montana.
Nothing can enhance God's masterpiece! To crop, embellish, or otherwise place anything else near this, would only take away from its perfect beauty! I know I'm a minimalist scrapper, meaning that I like my pictures and journaling to tell the story without alot of knick-knack; but how could *any* scrapper disagree with me on this one?!? I'll probably frame this; but to "scrap" it - I'll simply enlarge the photo (5X7; I usually do 4x6 or smaller, when cropped), give it a page of its own on neutral cardstock (tan or gray), and write up a small, subtle description in the lower-right corner. If I really want to make my writing even less visible, I'll write directly on the photo with my photo marker (lower-right, where it's darker than the rest of the photo). This will make a nice intro for the rest of the nature photos, which I'll approach in the same fashion.




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