Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Present

It was nice to host Christmas at our house this year. Our immediate family stayed in jammies all day. Cousin Nichole arrived in her robe, but she was the only guest brave enough to do so! After brunch Papa read the Christmas account, and we lit our advent cross, before opening gifts from each other.

Santa brought the kids Beatles Rock Band (even the adults enjoyed it immensely) and they received lots of great gifts from the extended family, as well. The biggest surprise was the gift that we (mom and dad) gave the kids....but I think I'll wait and show pics of that in the near future. (I don't  know if I'm more excited about the gift itself, or that we worked hard in 2009 to save for it, and pay cash for it). Enough of that... for now.
We ate plenty on Christmas, and we played lots of games in between  (Canasta, Scrabble Slam, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader, and lots of Wii). We also celebrated my dad's birthday with a strawberry cheesecake ice cream cake from
Baskin Robbins.

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