Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sick and tired

Okay, so I've had all of the flu symtpoms for a week now without getting over it. I know this is not uncommon, and it is likely to take 10 days to get over it. With the thought that I *am* getting over this, I peeled myself out of bed, pumped myself with drugs and a long steam shower yesterday, to take the boys to the doctor - they had check-ups that I absolutely did not want to cancel and have to wait 3 months to get rescheduled. The timing was good (aside from me looking and feeling like death warmed over), I thought, b/c they have been congested for a week or so. They haven't slowed down, though (soccer practice, gymnastics, soccer game, running around outside for 3 hours on Sunday... you get the picture -;), so I had thought they have colds and I have the flu. It turned out that Perry has a sinus infection and Jonas has walking pneumonia! Since I'm the only one who actually feels, and sounds, crummy, I figured I should take myself in to find out if I have walking pneumonia. So last night after hubby got home I went to our local walk-in clinic. The doctor - well, actually the medical student (no, not an intern or resident, but a medical student) asked me how the doctor diagnosed my son. I told her it was with a finger prick. She said, "Uh, I don't think we have that test here but I'll check" .... What?!?
Turns out they don't have the plasma titer test there, but they can draw my blood and send it to the main lab (just down the road) and I can wait 2-3 days to find out if I have walking pneumonia... Did I say this is an URGENT CARE CLINIC, named (inappropriately) FIRST ASSIST!?! A friend suggested that today I go to the pediatrician's office and ask them to test me for it...not a bad idea since they're set up to diagnose it right there. The kind medical student did say that I should call them after 3 days if I haven't heard anything, in case "they forget". And, if the test does come back positive, they can help me by giving me medication. Well, that's good to know. Kinda why I went in to begin with , thinking they could tell me right away *and* they could give me medication so that I could start getting better. At least they can give me the medication, what a relief. Forgive my sarcasm. This is me feeling crummy for too long, and therefore, easily annoyed by the inconsistencies in health care practice. Sorry no photos - this is as much as I can manage. Hopefully I'll return soon.


  1. Why didn't they do an x-ray if they didn't have the finger prick? They could have told that way as well.

  2. sorry you've been sick. I'm following you from MBC.

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon. Being sick is just miserable. Sending many healing thoughts your way.




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