Monday, April 13, 2009

Back to Life

No animals, or children, were harmed for this layout! Perry actually liked to get in the crate with Ziggy when she was small enough for a roomie. I'm not lying, so don't bother reporting me... my friend J once came over when Perry was doing this - she'd testify for me, lol! There was a shadow on right side of layouts - sorry if it's dark. Fun and cheap, I just printed with laser printer on copy/print paper. The only problem was glue stick seemed to mix with ink and made a couple of gray spots (through the paper, somehow)... I'd use cardstock to print on next time.

Here's the homefront update:

Thursday: Dx. of bronchitis and a sinus infection. A breathing treatment and 4 antibiotic-filled days later, I'm back in commission (wow - what if we got commission on our good days as Moms... I digress.) Jonas had taken a turn for the worse Thursday and Friday with fever, but now he seems to have bounced back and is mostly back to himself, too. Perry now has a sore throat and cough, so the saga continues...


  1. I love the first page. Kid in a cage...priceless!

  2. Oh you poor thing ! Get well soon! I'm over from the FMC.)




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