Monday, February 9, 2009

Montana, A Quiet Morning

We flew to Montana for Grandma Alice's funeral. We arrived the evening before the funeral and stayed six days.

This was our first morning in Montana. I used 3-D adhesive to make the center photo pop. I love this photo - the kids stood there silently transfixed on the scenery for several minutes. The kids said it was the enormous icicles that they were mesmerized by. There was also more snow than they ever remember having seen, and Grandma and Grandpa's llama, to gaze at. Since we're on EST, (2 hours ahead of Montana's mountain time zone), it was still dark when we woke up.

The kids and I enjoyed "skating" in our snow boots. The kids spent much time playing with Sonny - Grandma and Grandpa's beautiful, and friendly, Golden Retriever. Sonny loves fetching pinecones and snowballs.

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