Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I received not only one, but two, dozen roses from my honey for Valentine's Day. Before you think me to be a braggart - bear with me, and my story. I first created this blog b/c others I knew had done so, and I learned how easy it was. My intentions were to blog our homeschool experiences, but... inertia set in. I didn't want to spend any extra time on what I was already doing all day! I also realized, around this time, that I was experiencing hs burnout - not unlike other types of burnout, complete with feelings of despair and resentment. I soon realized burnout was due, in part, to my own feelings of inadequacy (why this is prevalent among homeschool moms is a post in itself!), so I've decided to focus on what I do *right* (I also decided to make time for myself, so I set a goal to scrap every day, which led to fresh blog inspiration.)

Now, back to focusing on what I do *right*, and the roses: I have heard it said that the most important thing you can send your children off with, is an example of a good marriage. I may fail miserably when I compare my homeschooling accomplishments, abilities, and resources with others'; but showing my kids a good marriage - I, we, get that right. I am humbled by knowing that the one thing as a parent I *know* I am good at, I can't even do by myself! Without a kind, loving husband, this would just be another area where I often fail.

Have we ever spoken with less than loving words? Sure - we've been married 14 years! Unkind tones are the exception, though, and are usually during times of stress. What I like about what we do right: I have no doubt that my kids will remember that we spoke kindly, and showed affection to each other every day. I can tell my husband is upset (or in the presence of others;) when he calls me by my first name, rather than his term of endearment, and vice versa - :). I love knowing that my kids will likely say we were the most loving when it was just us at home, rather than putting on a show for others and going home to ignore each other, or let their frustrations out on each other. My kids will know they had a regular bedtime, not just b/c they needed their rest and the schedule, but b/c then it was our alone time, together.
On my bad days, when I feel like a failure, I am promising myself to take comfort in knowing that my kids will never know the (all too common) pain of divorce. This we get right... and it's not even a chore.

May you speak kindly to those you love, and focus on what you *get right*.

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