Friday, May 29, 2009

Mother's Day




Bottom - Mother's Day photo gift for my mom - Baby Riley, my niece who is due to arrive in August, inspired this project. I also have a dear friend who is expecting a baby boy in July, so I've had baby on the brain lately! It's inspired me to pull out all my baby photos. I had intentions of making a "Me and My Grandkids" scrapbook for my mom; but I found sooo many pictures of her with my babies, that I quickly became overwhelmed. I narrowed photos down to newborn photos, 3 per child, leaving 3 spaces reserved for Riley pics in this 12-photo frame. I just placed cardstock behind the openings so that it would look cute to go ahead and display.
Above - Mother's Day was gorgeous! We spent a few hours at the lake. We had the beach to ourselves and the water was warm enough for swimming!


  1. That is a great gift! I would love it if my kids made me a photo collage. Sounds like you had a really nice Mother's Day! It's still not nice enough for swimming here :(

  2. I love the gift to your mom! Glad to see you all enjoyed yourselves!




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